[nyfoil-l] 10/1 NYC: Rights for Imprisoned People with Psychiatric Disabilities!

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10/1 NYC: Rights for Imprisoned People with Psychiatric  Disabilities!

"What do we want?-JUSTICE!"
"When do we want it?-NOW!"

For  Immediate Release:
Contact: Lisa Ortega 646.260.6575
Mary Dougherty  845.598.4186

Who: Rights for Imprisoned People with Psychiatric  Disabilities

Why: We are outraged over the death of another person  with mental illness 
who was tasered by the NYPD

The blood lies in  the hands of the NYPD!

They must be held  accountable!

The NYPD needs a change in policy and procedure

What: Joins members of  RIPPD, Make the Road New York, People's Justice, 
Justice Committee, 100 Blacks  in Law Enforcement, Urban Justice Center/Mental 
Health Project for a Press  Conference/Rally

When: Wednesday, October 1, 2008
1:00  PM

Where: 489 Tompkins Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11216
C train to  Kingston Throop

Read the following article to get more details of  the incident:


NYT:  http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/26/nyregion/26taser.html?hp

This  is how the media puts it.
Stigmatization, like Criminalization towards those  overwhelmed with Mental 
Illness must Stop

Last  updated: 5:58 pm
September 24, 2008
Posted: 5:03 pm
September 24,  2008

A deranged Brooklyn man ranting in his birthday suit from a fire  escape 
stairway was shot by cops with a taser gun fell to his death, this  shocking video 

The crazy rager fell about 10 feet to the street  below 491 Tompkins Ave. in 
Bedford-Stuyvesant around 2 p.m. and was rushed to  Woodhull Hospital with a 
serious head injury, cops said. He later died at the  hospital.

The nudist first appears on the video standing on a fire escape  stairway 
between the second and third floors, screaming inaudibly to a crowd  below.

With police shouting for him to get down, the man climbed down to  a ledge 
above a metal roll-down storefront cover.

He then picked up what  appears to be a six-foot metal rod and waved it in 
the air.

"Walk down  now! Move down!" the police can be heard shouting to him.

He refused the  order and continued his incoherent tirade, the video shows.

Finally, one  of the cops can be seen shooting him with the taser, sending 
the mad man head  first to the street 10 feet below. It was unclear what set off 
his seemingly  psychotic  episode.

Peoples' Justice for Community Control and Police Accountability
Statement on  the NYPD Killing of Iman Morales
Sept. 26, 2008

Peoples' Justice  for Community Control and Police Accountability condemns 
the killing of Iman  Morales by the NYPD last Wednesday afternoon in 
Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.  Like the shooting deaths of Sean Bell and Jayson Tirado by 
NYPD officers, Mr.  Morales death sends yet another message that the lives of 
people of color in New  York City are expendable.  Furthermore, it is another 
example of the NYPD's  disregard and disrespect of people with disabilities. 

Incidents such as  the killings of Eleanor Bumpers, Gideon Busch, Khiel 
Coppin, and now Iman  Morales are evidence of the NYPD's blatant dehumanization of 
people with mental  disabilities. Peoples' Justice supports the call of Rights 
for Imprisoned People  with Psychiatric Disabilities' (RIPPD) for the NYPD to 
make use of crisis  intervention teams.  Such teams, which exist in other 
parts of the country  and have been used with great success, are well trained in 
non-lethal  de-escalation techniques and are prepared to deal with similar 
situations  without the use of TASERs or any other weapons.  These teams also 
always  have mental health clinicians on-site, who are prepared to offer 
treatment, not  abuse, to emotionally disturbed individuals. 

Peoples' Justice  thanks the New York residents that videotaped and 
publicized Mr. Morales'  killing.   The ability to document and publicize police 
misconduct  increases accountability and prevents the police from misrepresenting or 
 covering up their actions as they have done many times in the past.    We 
call on all New Yorkers to arm themselves with cameras, observe all law  
enforcement activity and document any incidents of misconduct.  All  documentation of 
questionable law enforcement behavior should be made available  to the public.

Sean Bell's killing – in which the cops were  acquitted of all charges – and 
that of Jayson Tirado – a killing that never even  went to trial – show that 
the District Attorney's Office is not capable of  overcoming its marriage 
with the police department in pursuit of justice.   Therefore, we can only expect 
the same in this case and once again reiterate the  call for the assignment 
of an independent prosecutor to investigate the killing  of Mr. Morales and all 
cases of police violence, past and future.

Amnesty  International's website states, "Since June 2001, more than 290 
individuals in  the United States have died after being struck by police TASERs. 
Amnesty  International is concerned that TASERs are being used as tools of 
routine force,  rather than as weapons of last resort."   
(http://www.amnestyusa.org/us-human-rights/taser-abuse/page.do?id=1021202&n1=3&n2=850&n3=220).   This 
quote speaks not only to the deadly potential of TASERs, but to the fact  that 
the police, no matter their weapon of choice, routinely act with  unnecessary 
violence.  The killing of Mr. Morales was not an isolated  incident of poor 
judgment on the part of individual officers. The killings of  all those 
mentioned in this statement, on top of many others, reveal the pattern  – and policy –
 of the NYPD to kill in communities of color as an initial  response, 
regardless of whether the circumstances call for the use of deadly  force.

Peoples' Justice is a coalition of NYC-based grassroots  organizations that 
have joined forces to win community control and police  accountability.  

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