[nyfoil-l] 12/14 Queens, NY: Tell FreshDirect--Stop Threatening Immigrant Workers With ICE!

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12/14: Tell FreshDirect: Stop Threatening  Workers!!

GO:  http://www.teamsterstakeaction.org/campaign/freshdirect?rk=m7A4xfn1wx4tE

Just  days before Christmas, the food-delivery service FreshDirect has 
threatened the  jobs of hundreds of workers in its Queens, New York warehouse. So 
far, at least  46 employees have lost their jobs or been suspended, and 
FreshDirect could  terminate dozens more in the next few days.

This job loss — and the  resultant tension and fear among remaining workers —
 is in advance of the  workers' vote to build their union on December 22 and 

The  workers are forming a union to negotiate for very reasonable things: a 
livable  wage, improved working conditions and a benefits package that allows 
them and  their families to survive in one of the world’s most expensive  

The lost jobs are a result of an inspection someone  triggered with the 
Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, which is becoming  the Pinkerton of the 
twenty-first century. 

FreshDirect had no  problem with its employees' paperwork before they 
expressed a desire to form a  union. Santa Claus has a list and checks it twice this 
time of year —  FreshDirect shouldn't need to.

FreshDirect workers need your help. Tell  FreshDirect that you stand with the 
workers and their right to form a  union.

GO:  http://www.teamsterstakeaction.org/campaign/freshdirect?rk=m7A4xfn1wx4tE

**Send  a letter to the following decision maker(s):**

Chief Executive Dean  Furbush 
Human Resources Anthony Anesto 
Manager, Customer ADVOCACY Amelia  Harmer 
Vice President of Customer Relations Frank Mansour 

Below is  the sample letter:
Subject: Stop the Holiday Job-Losses
Dear [decision  maker name automatically inserted here],
I was shocked to learn that some 46  employees lost their jobs or were 
suspended in recent days and that dozens more  people's jobs are threatened just 
days before Christmas. Your website says you  treat food with "love and respect" 
-- you should treat your employees with the  same care.

It is suspicious that this investigation by the Immigration  and Customs 
Enforcement agency was triggered just as your employees were  scheduled to 
exercise their basic human right to form a union -- there was no  problem during the 
previous years your company operated. 

Today, those  workers who remain at your warehouse are full of fear and 
tension. That's an  awful environment, not just during the holidays. Your employees 
deserve much  better treatment

These workers and their families rely on FreshDirect for  their livelihood. I 
urge you to not impede with your employees' right to build  their union 
without fear of holiday layoffs and intimidation.  
GO:  http://www.teamsterstakeaction.org/campaign/freshdirect?rk=m7A4xfn1wx4tE

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