[nyfoil-l] PROTEST CALENDAR 3/5/07 in plain text

Todd Eaton redscares at mindspring.com
Mon Mar 5 08:41:00 CST 2007

Reply to schedule your chance to read names of Iraq War dead in an
historic six day Times Sq. vigil, Sunday March 11 through Friday March 16

Monday, March 05, 2007

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Stand by for:

Sean Bell: Day After Grand Jury protest  #

weekdays: leaflet courthouse for Sean Bell  #

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Protests and events with dates.  Bold typeface 
plus a # symbol merely means a street 
action.  Details of all below actions at 
http://lists.riseup.net/www/arc/nyprotest/2007-03/msg00064.html :

A week of Int'l Women's Day events  #

March 5-12  (MON-MON): Int'l Women's Day events  #

Code Pink Int'l Women's Day contact  #

MON, THU: build ACT-UP Healthcare March

3/5 MON: make props, skull placards for Monday March 19 Wall St blockade

3/5 MON: B`klyn Solid Waste Advisory Bd.

3/5 MON: Women & Labor Rts in Iraq


3/6 TUE: Taxi Workers Alliance protest (directions)  #

3/6 TUE: Panther 8 court hearing  #

3/6 TUE: pack court for Panther 8  #

3/6 TUE: defend Ungdomshuset  #

3/6 TUE: stop GPS spyware in taxis  #

3/6 TUE: stop taxi spyware, ads  #3/6 TUE: plan Wall St. blockade

3/6 TUE: demand right of housing in Spain  #

TUESDAYS bike repair workshop sched.

3/6 TUE: anti-G8 book talk

3/6 TUE: plan huge immigrant rights actions

3/6 TUE: Wall St Action Consulta

3/6 TUE: big consulta mtg before Wall St. action

3/6 TUE: plan Wall St. Direct Action (groups + individuals)

3/6 TUE: Iraq forum: build Mar. 12 Moratorium

3/7 WED: green scare & constitution

3/7 WED: Constitutional Cost of Green Scare (map)

3/7 WED: Green Scare Panel to Speak at Brooklyn Law School Centcom

3/7 WED: plan o22 brutality protests

3/8 THU: Women in Black urgent call

3/8 THU: Redstockings UN speakout  #

3/8 THU - Int'l Women's Day: U.N. action  #

3/8 THU: Redstockings speakout at UN  #

3/8 THU: Three Int'l Women's Day events  #

3/8 THU: stop Philippines death squads ­ Gabriella, Int'l Womens' Day

3/8 THU: Artists' Talk w/ Hungry March Band

3/8 THU: Stop the killings (Gabriella, Women's Day)

3/8 THU: THAW Freedom Follies Cabaret (Intl Womens' Day)

3/8 THU: women of color arts exhibit: CALL F/ SUBMISSIONS

Will the U.S. Attack Iran? LRP Forum at CCNY 3/8/07 brunowalter

3/8 THU, films: 1999 Seattle WTO, free trade

3/8 THU: Int`l Working Women's Day (at Brecht)

3/8 THU: THAW Int'l Women's Day needs  you (dupe?)

3/8 THU: Int'l Working Women's Day (at Hunter, THAW)

3/8 THU: `Walls, Borders & Boundaries` -- CALL F/ SUBMISSIONS

3/8 THU: Borders & Boundaries: (Intl Women`s Day)

3/8 THU: Halt Gender Violence! (Intl Women`s Day)

3/8 THU: Who is Assata?

3/8 THU: Who is Assata?

Search protest listings by date or topic at http://tinyurl.com/awnva

3/9 FRI: Planned Parenthood benefit

3/9-10 (FRI-SAT) Palestine film: `1948`

3/9-10 (FRI-SAT) Palestine film: `1948`

3/9-11 (FRI-SUN): Left Forum - Pre-Register

3/9-11 (FRI-SUN) Left Forum (progressive workshops, convention)

3/9 - 11 (FRI-SUN) Nat`l Conf. on Organized Resistance

3/10 SAT: counter-recruiting march  #

3/10 SAT: rainforest ape benefit

3/11-16 (SUN-FRI): Call to schedule reading in Endless War Memorial   #

3/11-16 (SUN-FRI) six day reading of the names  #

3/11 SUN: drum rehearsal for protests



3/12 -14 (MON-WED): Michael Albert

Search protest listings by date or topic at http://tinyurl.com/awnva

3/12 MON: Stand up to AIPAC (D.C.)  #

from 3/12 MON: Encampment to Stop the War (D.C.)  #

MON, THU: build ACT-UP Healthcare March

3/12-14 (MON-WED): Michael Albert talks

3/12 MON: protest AIPAC Conf. (D.C.)

Mondays, Thursdays plan ACT-UP anniv. action

TUESDAYS bike repair workshop sched.

3/16 FRI: Day of Remembrance (on Rachel Corrie Day)  #

March 16-19 anti-war actions update  #

March 16 - 19 weekend actions  #

March 16 - 19 Weekend: schedule of anti-war actions  #

3/16 FRI: anti-war protest-worship (D.C.)

Search protest listings by date or topic at http://tinyurl.com/awnva

3/17 SAT: ISO bus tix to March on Pentagon   #

3/17 SAT: logistics page is out (D.C., ANSWER)  #

3/17 SAT: Fayetteville march & Gulf Coast caravan  #

3/17 SAT: join 24-Hour Anti-War Speak Out (NYC)  #

3/17 SAT: march on Pentagon # (poss. dupe)

3/17 SAT: Pentagon Protest  #  (poss. dupe)

3/17/07 ­ MARCH ON THE PENTAGON! Linda Rivera # (poss. dupe)

3/17/07 in D.C. (from TONC)  # (poss. dupe)

3/17/07 March on the Pentagon # Carlos Rovira  (poss. dupe)

jericho bus to dc on 3/17  #

Jericho Movement in 3/17 March on Pentagon

Jericho PP Contingent March 17th Anti-war Demo. ProLibertad Campaign #

3/17 SAT: nonviolence training

3/17-18 (SAT-SUN) Judson Anti-War Weekend activities

3/18 SUN: Ya-Ya Youth Contingent  #

3/18 SUN: Bike Ride to End All Wars  #

3/18 SUN: Clinton fundraiser (woohoo!)  #

3/18 SUN: NYC anti-war march (UFPJ)  #

Logistics, March 18 (UFPJ NYC march)  #

Search protest listings by date or topic at http://tinyurl.com/awnva

3/19 MON: Shut Down Wall Street  #

3/19 MON: Wall Street Civil Disobedience  #

3/19 MON: blockade stock exchange  #

Yoga for peace (date TBD, maybe weekend of March 19)

3/23 TUE: Guantanamo law symposium

3/23/07 FRI: Pedro Pietri memorial

3/24 SAT: Redstocking w`kshop in Women at Work

3/24 SAT: peace & justice indoor rally (Newark)

3/25 SUN: Colonialism & Women: Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Philippines"

3/26 MON: Luis Barrios trial  #  check if correct

Mondays, Thursdays plan ACT-UP anniv. action

3/27 TUE: plan ACT-UP's Healthcare For All action



3/29 THU: ACT-UP anniv./Healthcare For All rally  #

3/29 THU: ACT UP Healthcare for All action (docs)  #

3/29 THU: anarchist book chats

3/31 SAT: march f/ Puerto Rican polit. prisoners   #

3/31 SAT: Marcha ProLibertad/FREEDOM MONTH 2007 Calendar ProLibertad Campaign #

3/31 SAT: Marcha: PROLIBERTAD for the PRican PPs ProLibertad Campaign #

3/31 SAT: The Coming War at Home (WBAI benefit)

Search protest listings by date or topic at http://tinyurl.com/awnva

4/7/07 ­ April March for Puerto Rican Political Prisoners #  ProLibertad

4/7 SAT: "Iraqi Women: Untold Stories 1948 to Present"

4/7 SAT: Redstockings feminist mtg

4/14 SAT: bus f/ farmworker justice  #

4/14 SAT: NYC Anarchist Bookfair

Apr 14: NYC Anarchist Book Fair

4/18 WED: support Guantanamo petitioners (D.C.?)  #

4/18 WED student walkout?

5/6 SUN: Salute to Israel Parade  #  (woo-hoo!)

5/19 SAT: Queers for Econ. Justice benefit race

6/2-7 (SAT-SUN) Augusto Boal workshops

6/10-11: anniv of Israeli occupation (D.C.)  #

U.S. Social Forum June 27-July 1, Atlanta

Calendars and events without dates.  Reply for a 
list of weekly vigils.  Mostly expired links 
below. "#" (pound) symbol & bold typeface only 
means a street protest action.  All links to calendars are
at: http://lists.riseup.net/www/arc/nyprotest/2007-03/msg00064.html

The Disappeared (Los Desaparecidos) ongoing exhibit

Mondays, Thursdays plan ACT-UP anniv. action

NYPROTEST CALENDAR AT http://tinyurl.com/awnva

fwd: NY Activist Calendar (Mar. 5-11)

TIME'S UP! EVENTS thru 3/18

Brooklyn Parents for Peace calendar thru 3/28

weekdays: leaflet courthouse for Sean Bell  #

Jersey City Peace Movemt events  #

Time's Up! events thru Mar. 8  #

ANSWER calendar  #

http://nycalendar.org   #

Brecht: Teacher forums - Venezuela in Film - Scheherazade!

Art for Change & Carlitos Calendar is out

labor and climate crisis conference (date TBD)

March-April: Anti-G8 Infotour needs contacts

Mondays, Thursdays plan ACT-UP anniv. action

Monthly Workers' Rights Clinics

ongoing Chomsky discussion group

register for Left Forum 2007

SUNDAYS: table for veganism  #

Tuesdays: electronic voting hearings (confirm pls.)

WEEKDAYS: VIGIL FOR OAXACA (please confirm this­no contact avail.)  #

weekly anti-war talks (St. Mark's)  (confirm pls.)

weekly Burberry fur protests  #  (confirm)

Welfare Warriors, TransJustice events

Wobbly labor actions  #

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#  pound symbol & bold type only means a street protest action.

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