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The Southern Asian Institute of Columbia University in the City of
New York presents:

A Film Screening of "Drowned Out"
With commentary by Sukumaran Krishnan
-Senior Activist at the Save the Narmada Movement (NBA)
-2004 Human Rights Advocate at the Center for the Study of Human
Rights at Columbia University

Wednesday, November 17, 2004
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Room: 1134 IAB
(420 West 118th Street)
For more information, please call (212) 854-3616

Information about "Drowned Out":
Shot over three years by Director Franny Armstrong (McLibel),
Drowned Out tells the true story of one family's inspired stand
against the destruction of their land, homes and culture. The 75
minute no-budget, no-electricity, no-Hindi documentary has been
seen by more than 14 million people.

Drowned Out follows the Jalsindhi villagers through hunger strikes,
rallies, police brutality and a six year Supreme Court case. It
stays with them as the dam fills and the river starts to rise.

Film Awards Include:
Runner-Up, Audience Award for Best Documentary, San Francisco
International Film Festival
Nominated for Best International Documentary, OneWorld Media Awards
Bronze Plaque, Columbus International Film & Video Festival
Honorable Mention, EarthVision Environmental Film Festival

Information about Sukumaran Krishnan:
Mr. Krishnan is a Senior Activist at the Save the Narmada Movement
(NBA), an organization that spearheads one of the most significant
and influential civil society campaigns in India concerning large
dams and displacement of indigenous communities. For over ten
years, Mr. Krishnan has worked to create a network of solidarity
that extends from the grassroots to the national and international
sectors, and has, on countless occasions, stood up for the rights
of some of the most marginalized members of society. A pillar of
strength for the movement, Mr. Krishnan has courted arrests and
prison sentences for the cause of development, education, public
participation, and local empowerment.

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