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US FOREIGN POLICY towards CHINA: What can a progressive policy look like?
The politics of OIL: roiling CHINA, INDIA.
The photos of ANWR that were banished to the Smithsonian's basement.
1: We continue with our Election 2004: An APA Primer, with a focus on 
foreign policy, this time towards China. To the extent that China does 
figure at all in the political pronouncements of either Bush or Kerry, it 
is primarily either as the threat to be contained with textile tariffs and 
military maneuvers, or as the place where all US jobs are disappearing. The 
social upheavals within China and their larger ramifications do not even 
register. JOSHUA MULDAVIN joins us to examine the two parties' attitudes, 
and to offer a progressive alternative policy.

  2: We then bring you two segments on the politics of oil. SONIA SHAH, the 
author of Crude: The Story of Oil will focus on the huge changes in Chinese 
and Indian society  - and their relevance to the US - resulting from 
unchecked industrialization and a rapidly growing car-driven economy. Next 
the photographer SUBHANKAR BANERJEE will talk about his photographs of the 
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge currently on view at the Gerald Peters 
Gallery (24 E 78th St). These photos are famous for having been banished to 
the basement of the Smithsonian when they proved awkward at the height of 
last year's push towards drilling in the ANWR.

(Sonia Shah speaks in NY Oct 14. See below)

3: Finally we bring you an interview with Eyes of the Heart  playwright 
CATHERINE FILLOUX and director KAY MATSCHULLAT. This play, opening today 
(Oct 12), brings to the stage the story of a Cambodian family's life in the 
US after fleeing the Khmer Rouge.

JOSHUA MULDAVIN spent 20 years in China, starting as a young man, watching 
first hand both the total dissolution of the rural collective economy over 
time as well as the repression in Tienanmen Square in the spring of 1989. 
He is currently  the Henry R. Luce Professor in Asian Studies and Human 
Geography at Sarah Lawrence College and the author of innumerable journal 
articles including "The Paradoxes of Environmental Policy in Reform Era 
China," and "The Limits of Market Triumphalism in Rural China"

SONIA SHAH is a journalist whose work has appeared in The Nation, The 
Ecologist, Salon.com, The Progressive and elsewhere. She is the editor of 
both the critically acclaimed Dragon Ladies: Asian American Feminists 
Breathe Fire and Between Fear and Hope: A Decade of Peace Activism. Her new 
book Crude: The Story of Oil is published by Seven Stories Press 

Sonia Shah will appear with Michael Klare in NYC,October 14th at Labyrinth 
Bookstore, 7pm  536 West 112th Street, Manhattan.

SUBHANKAR BANERJEE's photographs of the ANWR, The Last Wilderness are on 
view through Oct 15 at the Gerald Peters Gallery, 24 E 78th St., NYC 10021. 
Ph: 212 628-9760

EYES OF THE HEART, produced by National Asian American Theatre Company, 
Inc. (NAATCO), is opening Oct 12 at INTAR 53, 508 West 53rd Street at 10th 
Avenue, New York City; Closing date October 30th. (Every night at 7PM, 
except Sunday, with matinees on Saturday October 23 at 2PM [with Panel, 
sponsored by Asia Society] & October 30 at 3PM.)  Reservations at 
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